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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Quick to speak Quick to Think

            They always say never speak to soon especially if u Do not speak entirely true.
              These were words rapper/producer  Souljaboy  should tell him self.
                  Last month the rapper tweeted out from his twitter account
                   @https://twitter.com       /souljaboy          .
                 About a 400 million Dollar deal  he was about to take up.
                        The rapper hinted that he was about to do business with  https://twitter.com  /worldpokerfund.
                            An online Casino style video game  company That gains Revenue threw u        
                        creating an account and engaging in multiple games and services on there online
                          platform.     soulja boy jumped the gun and tweeted a bit to soon and caused major
                            confusion and hype around the thought of him acquiring a deal of a massive
                                   magnitude . We have now been confirmed overtime that the deal is made up of
                               stock and royalty options and the 400 million is the market cap over a  few years                                  of projected earnings
                                    We also came To find out that    World Poker   https://twitter.com  /worldpokerfund.      
                                      Only has a market cap of  $52million. So The only way he Will see that      payday lies within the turn out of the world poker idea....



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